Anamorfake It Until You Make It! - Craft the Anamorphic Look

Achieve the anamorphic lens look on the cheap!

From the creator of Anamorphic on a Budget comes a new guide. One that doesn't involve anamorphic at all!

The goal of Anamorfake It Until You Make It is to create the anamorphic look minus the nuisances and expenses of anamorphic adapters (and, oh boy, these are expensive right now). This guide is focused on shooting spherical, keeping it cheap and delivering a look that not even pros can tell you're faking.

This is a guide with plenty of techniques using gear and tools you are likely to own - or that costs next to nothing!

Check out the first few pages here!

170 pg e-book + 2.5GB of extra content such as tutorials, post-production templates and presets, 3d-printable blueprints and image samples.

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